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Events During the Corona Pendemic: Part 1

This post will be split into two parts. Part 1 about the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic on the events world, and Part 2 will explore how to have a fun and meaningful event, taking the restrictions from the virus into consideration.


All over the world, events are being canceled. This is a real nightmare for everyone involved, since most events such as weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, sweet 16 parties, and corporate events are planned months or sometimes years in advance, and the Covid-19 pandemic was unforeseeable. The effects of the virus on the events field has been unprecedented, and I'll list some of the challenges as follows:

  1. Limitation on the number of guests at events

  2. Travel limitations

  3. Venue closures

  4. The waiting game $$$


Limitation on the number of guests at events:

In Israel, it's not uncommon for weddings to be held with over 500 guests in attendance, though the government restrictions have severely limited gatherings. In the beginning of the pandemic the limitation was down to 100 guests, then shortly after that, 50 guests, then 20, then 10, and then none at all. People that did not want to postpone their events began to get creative in order to hold their events while staying safe and within legal parameters set by the ministry of health. I'll explain more on that topic in part 2 of this post.


Travel limitations:

In Israel and most other countries in the world, hotels, buses and flights were either shut down completely or severely limited, making domestic and international travel very difficult for guests. Highways have been closed and inter-city travel banned. Some cities have been quarantined, barring entrance from the outside. Needless to say that at these times, events were not legal and if underground events were happening, it wasn't easy to get away with.

The travel limitations also effect suppliers and if restrictions change a day before an event, then a supplier such as a photographer that is traveling from another city is suddenly unable to arrive, and usually when one person can't come, then many others are also unable. Yikes!


Venue closures:

After planning an event for a year, finding out that the venue that you carefully chose with specific considerations is not able to open on your date is disastrous. Furthermore, and I'm speaking about the situation in Israel specifically, venues can wait as long as they want to declare their space officially closed on the date of your event, leaving the client in limbo waiting to hear an answer.

The waiting game $$$$:

When the venue cancels, especially last minute days before the event is scheduled, many clients want and hope for the date to be canceled so that they can get their deposit back from the venue, and most venues have an interest in waiting as long as possible to give that option. If the situation changes, and the venue can host the event legally, then they can say that if the event is cancelled or other changes are made, then the original contract is still relevant and the client has to pay accordingly.

That being said, some venues are refusing to return deposits, backed by clauses for such instances in their contracts. This makes it so that even if the venue is the one that is canceling the event, they may still keep your money, and prepare themselves with their lawyer which is already on retainer. It's a scary situation to find yourself in, so beware! A similar case can be seen in the video below:


The event industry has been effected the most financially and for the longest duration out of event industry. Everybody is hurting. The clients, the businesses, the contractors, everybody. At this time in Israel, the industry will begin to be allowed to assist in event production as soon as the government approves events of 50 guests, and then after that hopefully even larger events. It all depends on the decreasing trent of people in the country that are sick with the Covid-19 virus. We will all continue to look forward for happier times when we can celebrate and dance together again.

Were your even plans altered due to the covid-19 virus? Let us know by leaving a comment on this post, or by e-mailing us at!

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